Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The 10/24 Update

So we're rounding the corner and nearing the end of October.

And I haven't been working on this project enough.

So I'm extending the deadline until the end of the year and hopefully that will get more people involved.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


So it's the end of September...

That sucks.

Been working twelve hour days at the day job and not spending nearly enough time on this project.

But here's my contribution.

It's a call back to Cerebus VS Iguana VS Beer #1

Now to Twitter and email EVERYBODY and get some more contributors.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Soliciting with Intent

So, if you are Famous the Comic Book Creator, and I "tweeted" you to check out this blog, I guess I should explain myself.

You were chosen to be "tweeted", because you are Big Time Comic Book Man (or Woman, (it could happen...)) and I want a selection of "Marquee" Comic Book Industry Names to join the Jam, so that I can use your Big Time Comic Book Name to recruit more people for the jam.

(Ideally, I'd love to get all seven Image founders onboard.)

So who am me anyway?

My name is Matt Dow. I'm a Small Press Mini-Comic creator (6 issues and counting...) I'm also a fan of Dave Sim and Cerebus the Aardvark.

Here's me the first time I gave Dave Sim a gift:

Namely, a gold watch for his retirement. (Yeah, guess I should have waited longer than a month to make SURE he was retired...)

I'm the one on the left.

Dave and I have a weird relationship. He once called and asked me about which comic book computer forums he should visit for his Internet Tour. I really didn't have an answer because I don't use Internet forums at all.

Then last August, he called and asked if I wanted to submit pitches to glamourpuss. The results of THAT can be seen in glamourpuss twenty-five, page nine.
Ya know, because MOST retired guys DON'T do 25 issues of another Comic...

Also, I once send him a Hugh Hefner smoking jacket Halloween costume.  Because he asked for it. No, really.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I really dig Cerebus, and REALLY wanna make this the best damn virtual Jam EVER!

So anybody who can help that become a reality is awesome in my book. And I know I'm asking for a free sketch, but I only really need a digital copy of it, and you could always sell the original.

OR better yet, you could donate the original to either the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, or the HERO Initiative. That way your sketch can help others. And that might make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So please, join the Jam if you can, and please spread the word to others who might wanna join the fun.

Because it won't be a party without YOU!

Dead Aardvark

And here's the image of Cerebus I'm using for the Jam:
And submission number two:

Sketch for Dave Sim aka David Slim aka DVS from E. Ann Bardawill.

Now to spread the word...


And here's the first contributor to The Cerebus 35 Jam:

Oliver Simonsen:
"Here are my characters "Captain Zap and his robot sidekick A-1" in party hats bearing gifts!"

For those unfamiliar here's a preview of their misadventures

The Cerebus 35 Jam Project

2012 is the 35 anniversary of Cerebus #1 being published. 

As a tribute to this, I'm sending Dave Sim a piece of art with my self-published characters Iguana and Beer (currently appearing in glamourpuss #25/zootanapuss #4 *plug* *plug*) in party hats ready to celebrate, standing over Cerebus' corpse from issue #300.

And a banner that reads "To Dave: Congratulations on the success of your Kickstarter project and THIRTY-FIVE years of Cerebus!!!!!"

Why am I mentioning this?
Because I want to get other self-published comic creators to draw their characters and create a jam tribute for Dave.

So, the idea is draw your creator owened/self-published charecter(s) in party hats and/or holding presents, and then send me a scan and our crack team of technical gurus will digitally assemble a finished jam piece. Also, you should include a rough idea of the height of their character so it'll be easier to assemble them.

I'm also soliciting for ONE PAGE letters of tribute/congratulations that I'll throw into the package with the art for Dave.

1: Don't tell Dave.
2: DON'T tell Dave.
3: DON'T tell Dave!
4: The art image is of a party. So your character(s) should be in party hats and holding presents.
5: It has to be YOUR characters. If you wanna draw Spider-Man, you better be Steve Ditko or John Romita Sr.
6: Try to limit yourself to no more than THREE of your characters please. (I'm looking at you Erik Larsen...)
7: For you un-artistic types, it's a ONE PAGE letter, don't be sending your fifty page manifesto.
8: Don't tell Dave.
9: How do you get in on this? E-mail me at with the words "Cerebus 35" in the subject line, or post a comment or something. I dunno, just let me know you want in somehow.

Everybody feel free to spread the word (but not to Dave.)

Remember, if you want in on this, E-mail me at that's mouseskull at gmail dot com. And don't tell Dave.

Oh, and the deadline is the end of November since December is the cover date to Cerebus #1 and I wanna get this to Dave by then.